February 2020

Sunday 9 February 2020 @ The Apex, Bury St Edmunds


Whoever it was who decided that Americans don’t have any sense of irony, they forgot to tell Dave. This wry Seattle wag is positively brimming over with ironic invective. He even fronted an amusing and perceptive report – for Newsnight, no less – begging Brits to celebrate their own heritage, rather than aping American pop culture. Dave is opinionated, isn’t afraid to pull punches in his observations, yet has a deceptively laid back stage manner that disguises a raw aggression.

“Compelling… a real breath of fresh air” – The Independent


Jarred has a unique style that deftly mixes gags with storytelling. He has a dynamic onstage persona and the ability to improvise and roll with anything that’s thrown his way, making his comedy sizzle with originality. His radio credits include Act Your Age (BBC Radio 4), and Flight of the Conchords (BBC Radio 2).

“Jarred is human Red Bull – you will laugh and laugh and then you won’t believe he’s been on for 20 minutes.” Comics Choice – Time Out


Some things get to Tom. Some things get to him so much that he has to resort to that old fashioned form of release, writing a letter. And that’s where the fun starts.

Describing himself as having the body of Peter Crouch and the face of Postman Pat, but nowadays looking more like a stretched Crystal Tips, Tom likes to experiment.

“The ultimate crowd pleaser.” – The Guardian