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First Fat Cat of 2016!

Beat those January blues with some excellent stand up comedy – 10th January 2016 – The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

Our Compere… Roger Monkhouse

With a forte for political satire, Monkhouse is like a naughty school teacher who’s not afraid to accentuate and mock his own baldness with all it’s connotations! A master of banter, this compere will kick off the night but keep the momentum going. His observational comedy will also highlight the frivolity in all things…


“His laconic delivery shields an engaging persona and an enquiring mind” The Guardian

Supporting…. Sally Anne Hayward


Not one for succumbing to cliché’s Sally Anne Hayward is a fresh comedian. An Edinburgh Fringe favourite, come and revell in her awkward nature, with a hint of spitefulness at times. She’s harsh, but still funny.

Her twitter bio just about sums her up “Can’t tell if she is posh or utterly hammered. Comedian, writer and other such excuse.”

“Clever observations and sharp punch lines.” Three Weeks


Terry Alderton

Another fringe star, described by Tim Vine as ‘the master of voices’ is one you will never forget. He can be a little like Marmite, you will either love him or hate him.  Either way there is a tad bit of weirdness thrown in, and again, not to everyone’s taste but with the right content, you will be in stitches. Only one way for you to find out! Be a true stand up lover and come and judge for yourself!

“It’s all silly dancing, loopy audience interaction and microphone-mauling vocal effects.” The Guardian


Christmas has come early for this month’s comedy night on Sunday 13th December 

Headlining are the mysterious MEN IN COATS!

Credit; men in coats facebook
Credit; men in coats facebook

Men in coats are your modern day clowns. Their show is a tremendous display of purely physical and visual comedy, they do not speak a word! A typical Edinburgh Fringe sell out show, their act will never become old. They have various formats from as little as 10 minutes, to 25 minutes.

They are a pure joy and simply great fun to watch.
They are just as interactive as their website, check it out!

Men in Coats will take you from a raised eyebrow to creasing up with laughter and if the gags don’t get you their inventiveness and dexterity surely will”  THE SCOTSMAN

“Hilariously simple… Men in Coats are the talk of the Fringe”

Your Compere is feisty Feliciity Ward

felicity ward
Credit: Felicity Ward: Comedian, Toilet Reviewer « RTRFM / The Sound … × 1386 Felicity Ward: Comedian, Toilet Reviewer « RTRFM / The Sound Alternative

Funny aussie Felicity is your perfect compere, making you die with laughter at some pretty heart wrenching issues. A comedian with a cause, she’s not scared to talk about mental health and relishes in it’s complexities. With this in mind you would think she is a dark comic, but she is nothing of the sort. She has a bright infectious enthusiasm.

Check out her hilarious twitter for gems like these:
“@felicityward: I bet you’re not as sexually confident as your beard would have me believe.”

To top it all off, we have our friendly Yorkshireman, Tom Wrigglesworth.  

Tom Wrigglesworth
Credit: Warm and gentle … Tom Wrigglesworth PR

Often sporting a Seargant Pepper jacket, the quirky but laid back Tom has material reminiscent of Ross Noble but nowhere near as bizarre. Having compered our shows in the past, it will be great to see the original comic in his element. Nevertheless, I am sure he won’t be able to resist a bit of audience banter.

‘The gods of comedy chose Tom Wrigglesworth for greatness’ ***** (Scotsman).

‘Magical Storytelling…a rare talent…hysterical and accomplished’ ***** (Timeout). ‘Funny bones’ (Evening Standard).