September 2021: Fat Cat is back!




September 2021


Rich Wilson
Jeff Innocent
Lou Conran


Hello all you marvellous people,

The Fat Cat Comedy Club is more than happy to announce it’s much anticipated return in September following the forced hiatus which caused the postponement of no less than 13 magnificent shows, including the momentous 20th Birthday Show – that was going to be a show to end all shows… curse you Covid 19 and all your dastardly mutating offspring.

When the balloon went up back in March 2020, the Comedy Club team could see this was clearly no laughing matter and quickly retired to the pre prepared Fat Cat Central Command bunker. The life support system was fired up and the automated door locks set for one year hence. The Fat Cat crew then set about shredding the thousands of unused Apex tickets, recycling them into rudimentary rolls of toilet paper, a worthy but ultimately misguided pursuit.

As the long year of self isolation reached it’s conclusion the Fat Cats emerged from the bunker blinking into the sunlight of a fresh dawn. A strange world of masked ninjas greeted them at every turn apparently ruled by an alien intelligence masquerading under the name of Prof. Chris Whitty, who was anything but. Not even a glimmer of humour from the strange being who was prepared to use countless dreary graphs to bore and subjugate the masses, while a gibbering Boris Johnson regurgitated “vaccination rollout” in response to any and every question posed. A battle for ultimate power was playing out and the despotic revisionist puppet master Dominant Cummings was eventually defeated and left to pursue a joint career as a Chauffeur and Optometrist.

Meanwhile the Fat Cats quickly adapted to the new world order and started to develop ambitious plans for the return of the greatest Comedy Club this side of Wuhan City. A fantastic line up of comedians is already booked for the rest of the year but September 12th heralds the first show of the new post apocalyptic era and we are delighted to welcome three superb acts to the Fat Cat stage, RICH WILSON, JEFF INNOCENT and LOU CONRAN.

It’s very fitting for Jeff to kick off the new Fat Cat season as he headlined our very first show over 21 years ago and just gets better every time he comes back to see us. A welcome return also to the brilliant Mr Wilson and an exciting introduction to Fat Cat newbie Lou.

Please join us on 12 September for the first show and reclaim that essential and much missed part of life… Live Comedy!!

Tickets are available from:

The FAT CAT is back… please insert smiley emoji of your own choice.